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The use of controlled substances is state and federally mandated to be illegal. As such, the possession, manufacture, selling or any other such activity is grounds for legal action. From marijuana, to cocaine, to heroin to some prescription medications, if you are caught in possession of an illegal substance such as a drug you can be criminally charged, persecuted and penalized accordingly. In the U.S. the usage of drugs has grown to be widespread, and today many people throughout the nation are criminally accused and consequently charged for the drug activity.

Statistics from the Bureau of Justice

The Department of Justice participates in many programs that are designed to monitor and govern illegal activity in the United States. One such program is the monitoring of drug activity in the U.S., particularly among the nation's youth. In a study released by the Bureau of Justice, a group of high school seniors was asked to anonymously report the number of times – if any – they had used drugs and / or alcohol in the past month to a year.

The results were as follows:

  • Drug use within 30 days: 19.4% admitted to use of marijuana, 3.8% admitted to use of other opiates, 2.9% admitted to use of stimulants, 2.8% admitted to use of sedatives, 2.6% admitted to use of tranquilizers, 2.2% admitted to use of hallucinogens, 1.9% admitted to use of cocaine, 1.4% admitted to use of inhalants, 1% admitted to use of steroids and .4% admitted to use of heroin.
  • Drug use within the last year: 32.4% admitted to use of marijuana, 9.1% admitted to use of other opiates, 6.8% admitted to use of stimulants, 6.2% admitted to use of tranquilizers, 5.9% admitted to use of hallucinogens, 5.8% admitted to use of sedatives, 4.4% admitted to use of cocaine, 3.8% admitted to use of inhalants, 1.5% admitted to use of steroids and .7% admitted to use of heroin.

These statistics reflect only a small sampling of the activity that is believed to be going on at a much grander scale. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that these statistics reflect only the use of adolescents. If the drug activity was tested among adults across the nation, the numbers would reflect higher results.

Types of Drug Crimes

No matter how many people are currently using, dealing, manufacturing, etc. the law affords no allowances for those who are caught in possession of an illegal controlled substance. As such, you can safely assume that if you were arrested for any type of drug offense then you will be facing serious charges and equally serious penalties upon conviction. Therefore, you need to act swiftly in securing sound legal defense that can take the necessary actions to secure your future rights and freedoms in the wake of criminal allegations. At the Robert B. Mann Law Office, we represent individuals accused of the following:

Drug Manufacturing
Charges for drug manufacturing can stem from a person's growth and harvest of marijuana. They can also result from the manufacture of methamphetamines and other types of drugs that take place in hidden labs. No matter how the illegal substances were manufactured, the fact of the matter is that you are now facing criminal allegations and should act accordingly.

Drug Possession
The criminal charges placed upon you for possession of an illegal substance will range in severity depending on the type of drug involved and the amount in your possession. Keep in mind that even if you were not using the drug in your possession, simply owning any amount of a controlled substance is considered illegal activity and can be punished as a criminal offense.

Drug Trafficking
When illegal substances such as drugs are sold or manufactured it could be considered both a state and federal offense. Whether you are caught selling marijuana, LSD, cocaine, PCP, heroin, ecstasy, inhalants or anything else, you could be facing prison time, fines and community service for your offense.

The defense services offered at the Robert B. Mann Law Office also extend to matters involving cultivation, distribution and sales. Whatever the drug allegations are that have been placed against you, we are here to aggressively fight on your behalf. Building a strong legal defense that can challenge the accusations you are currently facing is key to the strategies developed in the defense of any case; and when you have been charged with drug crime allegations, the defense will need to be all the more strong.

As such, we advise that you waste no time in seeking the legal representation you need to feel confident in your ability to secure positive results for your case.

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