Rhode Island Gun Possession Laws

Posted By Robert B. Mann Law Office || 29-Mar-2016

The right to bear arms was granted to the people by the original powers of the United States Constitution. But each individual state has the right to interpret gun laws and control when, where, how, and why they can be used, and, of course, who can used them. If you live in Rhode Island and own a firearm or are thinking of getting one soon, you should first be aware of the gun laws in place. Failing to follow them strictly to the letter could constitute a serious criminal act.

Who May Carry a Weapon in Rhode Island?

Just about any legal adult is permitted to own or carry a firearm in Rhode Island. The few exceptions include anyone who has been diagnoses with a mental disorder, anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction, anyone who is currently under the influence of alcohol, and anyone younger than 21 years of age. How and where a weapon can be carried is determined by a great many more regulations, though:

  • Without a concealed weapons permit, you can only conceal your weapon in your own home, property, or business.
  • A safety certification is required if you want to openly carry your firearm anywhere.
  • A concealed weapons permit is required to carry a gun of any kind concealed on your body or in your car anywhere.
  • You may never carry a firearm onto school grounds, or while using a snow vehicle.

What are Gun Crime Penalties in Rhode Island?

If you are arrested for using, carrying, or owning a weapon without proper licenses or safety certifications, you could be charged with a felony gun crime violation. A conviction for such a violation often carries a $10,000 fine and 1 to 10 years in state prison. Carrying a gun onto a schoolyard will require that you be fined at least $500, even if the weapon was not loaded and you made no physical or verbal threats to anyone.

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