Hollywood Psychiatric Hospital Charged With Medicare Fraud

Posted By Robert B. Mann Law Office || 5-Oct-2012

Fraud is an act that the government takes very seriously, especially when it involves government programs for healthcare. Just yesterday, five associates of the Boward County Mental Health Hospital, were arrested on suspicion of being involved in a huge scandal, one that fraudulently took millions of dollars from Medicare. It is believed that these individuals, including the chief executive officer of the hospital, would bill Medicare for their services, and in order to cover their tracks and have the adequate documentation they would pay brokers bribes.

Hollywood Pavilion CEO Karen Kallen-Zury is believed to be one heading up the scandal since 2003, and at this time her assets have been frozen by the government. According to the investigations the documents created that billed Medicare were for patients who either did not qualify for the Medicare coverage or patients who never even received treatment.

This was no small arrest, but it has been an ongoing multi-agency federal sweep for years and so far there have been 91 arrests for people who have played any role in the fraudulent acts. Executives, doctors, nurses, as well as seven cities are being held accountable for the fraud. At this time the government officials have been able to connect $429 million of false billings made to Medicare, and it is causing concern for the increasingly common trends of attempting to steal money from government programs such as health care.

As stated, the government takes fraud very seriously, and there has been a Medicare Fraud Taskforce created to fight this case, ad includes a large team of government officials from the FBI, Justice Department and Human Services Department. If you have been accused of any level of fraud, the punishment may be severe and therefore hiring a criminal defense attorney will be the most important step that you can take. Contact the Robert B. Mann Law Office for a trusted defense attorney today!

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