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  • Rhode Island Gun Possession Laws

    || 29-Mar-2016

    The right to bear arms was granted to the people by the original powers of the United States Constitution. But each individual state has the right to interpret gun laws and control when, where, how, and why they can be used, and, of course, who can used them. If you live in Rhode Island and own a firearm or are thinking of getting one soon, you should first be aware of the gun laws in place. ...
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  • FTC Claims Fraud is at an All Time High

    || 1-Mar-2013

    Currently in the United States, over 2 million people are victims of identity theft. More than ever before, the Federal Trade Commission is discovering cases of fraud. In fact, there were over 2 million consumer complaints in 2012, and in total the amount of fraud cases cost Americans $1.4 billion. One in every five complaints had to do with identity theft. If you have been accused of identity ...
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  • Hollywood Psychiatric Hospital Charged With Medicare Fraud

    || 5-Oct-2012

    Fraud is an act that the government takes very seriously, especially when it involves government programs for healthcare. Just yesterday, five associates of the Boward County Mental Health Hospital, were arrested on suspicion of being involved in a huge scandal, one that fraudulently took millions of dollars from Medicare. It is believed that these individuals, including the chief executive ...
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  • The Need For A Misdemeanor Diversion Program

    || 28-Mar-2012

    THE NEED FOR A MISDEMEANOR DIVERSION PROGRAM Rhode Island has an adult diversion program. There is no statutory authority for the program; it is based on the discretion of the Attorney General. The details of the program are described in the Rhode Island Attorney General's web page. It is largely limited to first time offenders, but a minor record may ...
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  • A Very Long Federal Sentence

    || 17-Dec-2011

    A Very Long Federal Sentence The high profile sentencing of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has received a great deal of media attention but surprisingly little commentary about the length of the sentence, beyond the observation that it is a long sentence that will likely result in the former governor serving about 11 to 12 years in prison. The case has received national coverage which is ...
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  • Marijuana Prosecutions

    || 22-Jun-2011

    The debate in Rhode Island about medical-marijuana continues, with the United States Attorney having recently threatened prosecution of at least some providers. However, it would be terribly wrong to get the impression that users of marijuana are not prosecuted in this state. True they are almost never prosecuted by the federal government, but state prosecutions for the simple possession of ...
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  • Proposed Amendment to Good Time Statute

    || 19-Apr-2011

    In the wake of the possible release of Michael Woodmansee, the Rhode Island Attorney General is proposing legislation to amend the statute providing time off for good behavior to persons sentenced to prison. The essence of the Attorney General’s proposal is to eliminate the time off provisions for persons convicted of serious crimes, including: · Murder; · Kidnapping of a ...
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  • Welcome to our Providence Criminal Defense Blog

    || 8-Sep-2010

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our Providence Criminal Defense Blog.
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