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A court-martial is a military court which makes decisions and determines punishments for military personnel who are subject to military law. When a breach of military law or discipline has been charged, the case is tried in a court-martial. In such a proceeding, lawyers for the government and for the accused present the facts, testimony, and legal arguments favorable to their side of the issue. A military judge presides.

If you need additional legal assistance for a court-martial, please contact an associate at our firm who is admitted to the U.S. Court of Military Review. Robert Mann has been practicing law since 1973 and can provide legal help related to a court martial or investigation that might lead to a court martial. He understands the UCMJ and the military justice system and will make every endeavor to help you achieve the best possible outcome to your military case.

Consequences of Courts Martial

Conviction in a general court-martial is similar to a felony conviction. Lesser charges are often tried by a special court-martial which is sometimes compared to a misdemeanor court. The accused in a general or special court martial is provided free legal counsel by the military, but may engage the services of additional civilian legal counsel, such as the Providence courts-martial attorney at our firm. The consequences of a conviction in a general court-martial may include:

  • confinement
  • a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge
  • dismissal as an officer

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